Maya L. Andlig, M.S.W. , L.C.S.W. Therapist Psychotherapy/Counseling/Coaching 350 Maplewood Ave Ambridge, PA 15003 724-385-0333
Maya L. Andlig, M.S.W.  , L.C.S.W. TherapistPsychotherapy/Counseling/Coaching 350 Maplewood AveAmbridge, PA 15003724-385-0333


change and uncertainty can make it difficult to manage your thoughts and emotions

during this unprecedented time we all need some support 

 Know that I am offering an opportunity to just get an hour of support if that is all you feel that you need--or we can get through this together over the next months or even year-whatever this ends up being. I am offering telehealth sessions to individuals and couples so that you can get the help you need from your home or wherever you have privacy and safety. I want to help you feel that you can gain something out of this experience in terms of knowing more about yourself or feeling more aware of your choices or taking the time to feel better about your relationship with yourself or others.  


create greater self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance

It doesn't have to be a crisis. Therapy can be about getting to know yourself, your experience, and the possible reasons behind your behavior or current life situations. While you may be aware of what you would like to change, It may feel scary or overwhelming.  We can work together to identify what it is that has been an obstacle for you. It may seem that the feelings are so distant that they cannot be reached or named. On the opposite end of the spectrum, others may feel that their emotions are out of control and cannot be tamed. Together we can work to explore, identify and resolve your concerns. 


discover important  connections between life experiences and current situations to change problematic behaviors and patterns

In therapy, I will be working with you to explore your life experiences. This will help us to identify patterns and pitfalls. There are often ways that people learned to cope in family systems that don't work for them in their adult lives. Particularly in your current relationships. In therapy we will work together to find more productive ways for you to address your needs and find connections with others. This can be done in couples therapy or with individuals seeking to learn something about what has not worked in prior relationships.


develop a trusting working partnership

Life sometimes seems to pile on the stress. This is especially difficult if you were already feeling stretched. Some support and some dedicated time each week can help even difficult situations seem more manageable.  Whether you might be experiencing: anxiety, depression, grief, alienation, loneliness, or loss; having someone in your corner helping you navigate can make a difference.


create the treatment for your best fit

I have experience in cognitive-behavioral and family systems therapy and find both useful.  I am currently working with; and deeply immersed in, psychodynamic psychotherapy. I am trained in psychodynamic approaches that see much of your mental life as out of your awareness. I am constantly seeking to keep informed of the most evidence-based approaches, and have trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR and Emotionally-Focused Therapy based on the effectiveness of these approaches with particular kinds of concerns. The use of journaling and expressive forms of creativity can also be utilized to help you access your feelings and to help you work through particular issues; especially self-esteem, body image, and trauma.  Couples will find that I use a primarily developmental approach to my work and am heavily influenced by the work of Sue Johnson, Ph.D., Ellen Bader, Ph.D., and Peter Pearson, Ph.D. I enjoy working with couples and seeing the couple work together to create a new way of relating. 


Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with my website. I look forward to hearing from you. There is no obligation to decide to enter into therapy just because you call for a consultation.   You can call and discuss any issue further without feeling any pressure to choose to work with me. Please feel free to do so. I look forward to hearing from you. 


call: 724-385-0333 email:

Psychotherapy can greatly improve your mental well-being. Opening up your personal experience to someone requires a great deal of trust. My practice provides a comfortable and private setting for you to share your feelings with me.  All appointments are made with significant time in between to help protect the clients confidentiality. The highest degree of confidentiality is maintained at all times.  

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